No barbecue, fondue or gourmet is complete without delicious sauces and spicy herb butters.

I'm always making them in large quantities: Freezer (butters) and fridge (sauces) are always willing: For a spontaneous barbecue you've got some in stock: See also: salads, gourmet/fondue and barbecue.

Cold sauce

Cold sauce

Cold sauce

Warm sauce



Chili sauce

Chinese sweet-sour

Chive sauce

Cocktail sauce

Cream herbs sauce

Curry sauce

Curry pineapple sauce

Curry ginger sauce

Fast tomatosalsa

Garlic sauce

Guacamole photo recipe


Pangsit sauce


Pesto (creamy)

Raita dipping

Romesco sauce

Salmon dipping

Salmon mayonnaise

Salsa Verde/Rosso

Sauce special (Dutch) photo recipe

Sesame seed sauce

Soya ginger sauce


Tartar sauce 1

Tartar sauce 2

(Hot) Tomato ketchup


Yoghurt dipping

Cheese sauce

Gypsy sauce (schnitzel)

Hot tomato sauce

Kebab sauce (peanut) photo recipe

Mushroom sauce

Oyster sauce

Piquant tomato sauce

Pizza tomato sauce photo recipe

Spicy mushrooms sauce

Sweet-sour pineapple

Sweet-sour sauce

Tomato pepper sauce

Bell pepper butter

Curry butter

Dill butter

Garlic butter photo recipe

Mustard butter


Creamy bell pepper

Herb cheese photo recipe

Herb quark


Olive cheese

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