Barbecuing is a regular treat in the summer over here. I like it best with as many people as possible, but not always possible though I've got hungry neighbours.

Cosy with salads, lots of different kebabs and a glass wine, beer or whatever you like.

Look at the Salads and Sauces too to make the bbq-party complete!


Pork meat

Various meat/fish

Ground beef


Chicken kebab photo recipe

Chicken kebab/banana photo recipe

Chicken tikka

Drumsticks/wings photo recipe


Devils at horseback

Kebab in onion marinate


Pork chop (marinated) photo recipe

Souvlakia photo recipe

Tenderloin sate photo recipe

Beef kebabs photo recipe


Lime shrimps

Malaysian kebabs

Roasted salmon

Salmon & tuna kebab photo recipe

Shrimp kebabs photo recipe

Shrimps with ham photo recipe

Ground beef kebab

Peanut kebab photo recipe

See for more:

Ground beef page

Baked banana

Baked potato

Caramel apples

French bread photo recipe

French garlic bread

Fruit skewer

Mushrooms in red wine

Spicy vegetables

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