Caramel apples



dark brown sugar

melted butter

(chopped nuts)


(ground coconut)

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How to prepare:

Put an apple on a long skewer (or plant stick) and place on the barbecue.

Turn from time to time and grill till the peel bursts.

Remove the peel and dip the warm apple in a bowl with melted butter and coat with brown sugar. The apple must be entirely covered with the sugar.

Turn the apple slowly around over the fire till the sugar gets caramelized.

Variation 1: As soon the sugar has melted, cover the apple with chopped nuts.

Variation 2: After peeling the apples coat with a mixture of condensed milk with sugar and ground coconut: Grill shortly over the barbecue.

(Pay attention: let cool a little before eating, sugar gets hot ! )

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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