Fruit is lovely (tell your children): you can process it in all kind of recipes like jelly (see canning), ice and you can preserve it in the rumtopf. Some fruit is also delicious when served warm: Fruit skewers melon with ham, grilled at fish and as a warm, sweet starter.

with meat and fish





Banana & chicken salad

Crostini, ham & figs

Grilled melon & ham photo recipe

Hete bliksem (Dutch)

Mango & shrimps salad

Melon & chicken salad

Melon & ham cocktail

Papaw ham & cheese cream

Pineapple & chicken salad

Fried banana & ice

Stuffed lychee

French crepes & ice

Ice cake

Mango ice

Melon with ice

Passionfruit icecream

Tropical fruit salad

Apple fritters photo recipe

Apple pie photo recipe

Baked banana

Brandied apricots (Dutch)

Brandied raisins (Dutch)

Caramel apples

Citrus marmalade

Dates & goat cheese

Dates & almond

Dates & Roquefort

Figs in rum

Fig jelly

Figs & lemon cream

Stuffed figs

Fried pineapple

Fruit skewers

Grapefruit cocktail

Gratinated sharons

Indian chutney

Kumquats in syrup

Mango & date chutney

Melon & fruit cocktail

Melon & kiwi

Mince meat


Pears in rum

Physalis chocolate photo recipe

Pisang Goreng

Poached pears photo recipe



Sugar apples

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