Stuffed figs

(10 pcs)


30 gr convert conversionsliced almonds

10 soft, dry figs

50 gr convert conversioncandied citrus fruit

75 gr marzipan

(ice, chocolate)

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How to prepare:

Roast the almonds slightly in a pan.

Remove the stems off the figs. Cut the upper part halfway crosswise and unfold the figs.

Mash the preserved citrus fruit in a kitchen machine. Add the marzipan and almonds and let the machine run a couple of times shortly till the marzipan crumbles.

Push 2 teaspoons marzipan filling in the figs and mold the fig to it's original shape.

Serve at room temperature.

(Serve optional with ice or coat the figs with little au-bain-marie melted chocolate.)

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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