Ground beef is a bit of meat which can be used in an impossible large quantity possible of ways: spicy meatballs to serve with a drink or threaded to skewers for the barbecue, but if you make the balls at normal size, also delicious with potatoes and vegetables to complete a meal. And always in my soup.

Freezing is possible for all meatballs (exclude the sauces).



Ground beef

And Ground beef

German ground steak

Greek meatballs

Ground beef meatroll

Ground beef skewer

Italian meatballs 1

Italian meatballs 2

Italian meatballs 3


Lamb kofta

Meatball in tomato sauce

Meatballs with feta

Mexican meatballs

Parmesan cheese

Spicy meatballs

Sate meatballs photo recipe

Sausage/goat cheese

Sidepork balls/feta photo recipe

Side pork burgers

Spicy kofta

Thai meatballs

Chili con Carne

Dim Sum


Egg roll 2

Hamburger (bun)


Meatloaf bags


Mini sausage rolls photo recipe

Pangsit Goreng

Pangsit Pedis



Serutu wajang

Sausage rolls photo recipe

Siopao/Bapao (dumplings) photo recipe

Stuffed bell pepper 2

Stuffed bell pepper 4

Stuffed tomato 5

Stuffed onions 2

Vietnamese spring roll

Wontons with ground beef

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