Soft buzzing baking oven from which from time to time I get something eatable: Everything made in advance. Look also at cold party food when you won't even bother to turn on the oven.

On the canning page, the puff pastry page and the minced meat page you'll find even more.

Bell pepper & prosciutto

Cheese croissants

Cheese bags

Cheese croquettes

Chicken rolls

Cream-cheese pies

Crispy samosa

Crostini ham & figs

Dim Sum

Devils on horseback

French garlic bread

Fried Frankfurter

Frikadel snack photo recipe

Grilled melon/ham photo recipe

Ham & mushroom croquet

Hearty little pies

Italian meatballs

Italian sausage rolls photo recipe


Mini croissants

Mini sausage rolls photo recipe

Mini skewers photo recipe

Mozzarella balls

Mushrooms in jacket

Pangsit Goreng

Pangsit Pedis

Pizza wheels



Serutu wajang

Shrimp buns photo recipe

Spicy meatballs

Stuffed mushrooms 3 photo recipe

Tempura shrimps

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