Seated at the large table in our kitchen with friends: Wine, beer, beerenburg or a cocktail. Cold is relative: let everything get to room temperature before serving. Look at the warm party food for warm bites straight from the oven or pan. Nothing usable on these pages? I got more: check the canning, the puff pastry and the ground beef page.



Banderillo 1

Banderillo 2

Bell pepper & olive toast

Bell pepper & parma rolls

Cheese horn

Cheese puffs photo recipe

Cheese twists

Cocktail pies

Dates with goat cheese

Dates Roquefort

Ham rolls photo recipe

Garlic circles photo recipe

Garlic toast & salmon

Hearty salmon pies

Olive butterflies

Olive twists

Parmesan twists

Poppy seed twists

Prosciutto twists

Salmon on puff pastry

Salmon paté pies

Salmon rolls photo recipe

Salmon for cracker photo recipe

Salty twists

Sesameseed twists

Smoked meatrolls photo recipe

Spicy cheese cookies

Spicy tortilla3iangles

Stuffed eggs photo recipe

Sweet onion pie

Tahin butterflies

Texmex cheesecookies

Thyme twists

Tomato anchovy toast

Tomato braid

Tomato & feta toast

Whole wheat toast





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