Steamed bapao/siopao

(± 24 st)


4 dl water convert conversion

2.5 teaspoons dried yeast

4 teaspoons sugar

1 kg flour convert conversion

pinch salt

3 large eggs

For the stuffing:

3 tablespoons margarine

3 onions

5 garlic cloves

750 gr convert conversionmixed ground beef and pork

1 tablespoon djahé (ginger powder)

pepper and salt

1 teaspoon ve-tsin

1 tablespoon sugar

sweet soy sauce

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How to prepare:

Mix the yeast with the lukewarm water and sugar and set aside for 10 minutes.

Knead the flour with eggs, salt and yeast mixture well and let the dough, under a wet dish towel, rise at a warm place for 1 hour.


Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing: grate or chop the onions, crush the garlic and stir-fry both in margarine. Add the ground beef and fry stirring to crumbs. Add spices and sugar. Stir well and flavour with sweet soy sauce. Let cool.


Knead the dough for a minute and let rise for 30 minutes.


Divide the dough in ± 24 balls. Flatten and fill with a large tablespoon stuffing photo recipe.

Close to a ball and place, seam down, on baking paper. Let rise for another 20 minutes photo recipe.

Steam the bapao/siopao buns photo recipe in a steamer for about 25 minutes.


Variation: Use cooked chicken to make chicken bapao. Chop the chicken well before adding.



First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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