On this page you'll find the Eastern Asian recipes: Vietnam, Japan, China, Indonesia: Delicious, tasty and mostly very fast to make. Which recipe exactly belongs to which country ??? Difficult: Each country has it's own variations. Therefore just an alphabetic mix.

Bapao/Siopao photo recipe

Beefsteak/snow peas photo recipe

Bell pepper/oyster sauce

Chicken bags

Chicken in sesame

Chicken tikka

Chickenstrips pineapple

China mini schnitzels photo recipe

Crispy chicken & fish


Dried beef

Egg roll 1

Egg roll 2

Egg roll skins

Fish tempura

Fortune cookies

Fried shrimp on toast photo recipe

Grilled shiitakes

Japanese fish fondue

Kebab in onionmarinate

Lamb cutlets/coconut


Malayan beef sate

Meatloaf bags

Mushrooms/spring onion

Nigiri sushi photo recipe

Oriental layered cake photo recipe

Oriental cucumber

Pangsit Goreng

Pangsit Pedis

Pangsit sauce

Peanut satay sauce photo recipe

Pisang Goreng

Riceball with salmon

Sambal goreng kentang photo recipe

Serutu wajang


Shrimp packets

Smoked 5herbs chicken

Sweet sour pork meat

Steak in blackbean sauce

Steak in sesame seed


Sushi 1

Sushi 2

Sweet-sour sauce

Tempura snacks

Tempura prawns

Tempura vegetables

Teppan Yaki

Thai meatballs

Vietnamese egg roll

Wonton skins

Wonton soup

Wontons/ground beef


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