Mixed tempura snacks

( 30 pcs)


12 large shrimps

1 sheet nori

60 gr convert conversionbroccoli florets

100 gr convert conversionmushrooms

1 red bell pepper

115 gr tempura mix

ice water

1 egg


oil for frying

little flour

sweet soy sauce

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How to prepare:

Peel and clean the shrimps but keep the tail on. Make a short cut in the back of the shrimps (to prevent curling and to remove the digestive tract) and wrap strips of nori around the tail. Divide the broccoli in florets, clean the mushrooms and cut the bell pepper in strips.

Make the batter according the recipe.

Fill a (deep fryer) pan for 1/3 with oil and heat the oil to 180C/360F.

Coat the shrimps with the flour, shake the redundant off and dip in the batter.

Fry the shrimps golden brown and drain on kitchen paper. Fry the vegetables likewise.

Serve the tempura hot and give the soy sauce as a dipping sauce.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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