Baking powder, how to

- tips and tricks


Mix well with flour:

Always mix very well with the sifted flour before adding fluid: less chance that your pastry rises irregularly.



3 teaspoons baking powder (16 gr) is sufficient for 500 gr convert conversionflour.


How to make a Tempura batter mixture:

The trick for good tempura is the large temperature difference between the oil and the tempura batter. Care that all ingredients are ice-cold (keep in the freezer in between).

Mix 100 gr convert conversionflour well with 3 teaspoons (15-16 gr) baking powder. Mix, shortly before frying, with optional 1 egg white and ice-cold water to a yogurt thick mixture. It may stay lumpy. Do not make too much at the same time because it must remain ice and ice cold during frying (place while you're frying in the fridge or freezer).

Recipes with tempura: Japanese fish fondue, tempura snacks, tempura prawns and tempura vegetables



First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands



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