Eggs, how to

- tips and tricks

separate eggs:

There are kitchen aids but this works for me: tap just in the middle of the egg on a sharp object.

Hold the egg above 1 bowl straight up with the largest part down while cracking, so the yolk is in the bottom part and the egg white runs over the edge in the bowl. Pour the egg yolk carefully in the little half so the rest of the egg white can run out. Put the eggyolk in a 2nd bowl.

Separate more eggs ? Always separate the whites, to prevent yolk-accidents, above a small empty bowl. Pour those whites in a second one (so if a egg yolk will fall out into that small bowl, you'll just have one egg to throw away instead of all whites).

preserve separated egg yolks and egg whites: Put white or yolk in a (tea-)cup and cover with little water. You can keep them a couple of days in the fridge.

cook eggs: The egg will not break if you prick a small hole in the thick lower part with a needle: thats the place were te egg has a little air cell. The egg gets some more space in the shell. Boil 4 minutes for soft up to 10 minutes for well cooked.

whip egg whites: Care that the egg is very cold and add a small pinch salt. The whisks must be absolutely clean (rinse with some lemon or vinegar) and greaseless and there may not even be 1 drop egg yelk in the whites.

Breaded meat: Beat the seasoning and a tablespoon water with the egg: that way you'll spice the meat evenly.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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