Deep-frying tips, how to

- tips and tricks

reach the correct temperature:

Deep-frying is done at 175-190C/350-375F. Too cold oil courses fat food.

If you do not have a electrical deep fryer, try this: put a little dice white bread in the pan, when it's brown in 30 seconden the oil is hot enough.

When making oilballs, tempura and other deep fryer batter recipes a drop of dough must bounce back to the surface immediately. And for potato chips or french fries just drop a thin slice potato in the oil: it will raise to the surface immediately when the correct temperature has been reached.

clean frying fat (NOT OIL !):

Fill a large pan with cold water and pour the warm (not hot !! ) frying fat (no oil ! ) in.

Dirt will sink and the fat will clot at the surface. Chill for one night and remove the fat. Dry the fat with a piece kitchen paper.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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