It might not show but I'm fond of tomatoes, bell pepper and onion. You just can keep combining those with whatever you like. Looking for more vegetables? Check the pages with Salads and Mushrooms.

Bell pepper





Bell pepper croquette

Bell pepper/prosciutto

Bell pepper rolls

Bell pepper salad

Bell pepper soup

Bell pepper rolls

Marinated bell pepper

Roasted bell pepper photo recipe

Stuffed bell pepper 1

Stuffed bell pepper 2

Stuffed bell pepper 3

Stuffed bell pepper 4

Dried tomato

Fast tomato soup photo recipe

Greek farmer salad

Pizza a la Piazza

Spicy tomato juice

Stuffed tomato 1

Stuffed tomato 2 photo recipe

Stuffed tomato 3

Stuffed tomato 4

Stuffed tomato 5

Tomato salad photo recipe

Tomato/mozzarella salad

Dutch stew

Frisian onion dish

Frisian onion soup

Onion/carrot stew

Onion/cheese dish

Onion marmalade

Onion pancakes

Stewed onions

Stuffed onion 1

Stuffed onion 2

Sweet onion pies

Asparagus soup

Aspargus spirals

Asparagus stems

Chestnut bread

Corn soup

Cucumber salad

Egg roll 1

Egg roll 2

Farmers relish

Stuffed French bread

Indian chutney

Jalapeno poppers



Oriental cucumber

Pizza pescatore

Poached pears

Snow peas with carrot

Spicy vegetables

Spinach toast


Tempura vegetables

Tempura snacks

Vegetable pizza

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