Italian stuffed bell pepper

(6 persons)


3 large or 6 small bell peppers

200 gr convert conversionold white bread

6 tablespoons oil

1 garlic clove

50 gr convert conversionraisins

1 tablespoon parsley

1 tablespoon fresh basil

(or 1 teaspoon dried)

100 gr convert conversionblack olives

6 anchovy fillets

2 tablespoons capers



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How to prepare:

Shorten the stems of the peppers, so they don't stick out, and half lenghtwise. Remove seeds and membranes. Crumble the crustless bread roughly.

Heat the oil and fry the chopped garlic and breadcrumbs. Remove the pan from the heat. Cook the raisins shortly with little water. Drain and let the raisins rest for 5 minutes.

Combine the raisins with the breadcrumbs, pressed garlic, chopped parsley, chopped basil, chopped olives, small pieces anchovies and the capers.

Fill the bell pepper halves and arrange in an oven dish filled with little water.

Bake the peppers 30-45 minutes in the oven (175C/350F, hot air 150C/300F) till the vegetables are cooked and the stuffing is slightly coloured.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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