I use a lot of mushrooms. Not always fresh but also canned (mostly the strange kinds of).

In stock (at least I try) always at least 8 cans of different kinds.

The quantity can, however, within a week been reduced to zero.





Fast mushroom soup

Grilled shiitake

Ham/mushroom croquettes

Marinated mushrooms

Mushrooms & prosciutto

Mushroom doughnuts

Mushroom goulash photo recipe

Mushrooms in pesto

Mushrooms in a jacket

Mushrooms in red wine

Mushrooms en croûte

Mushroom pizza photo recipe

Mushroom salad

Mushroom sauce

Mushroom soup

Mushrooms with spring onion

Oyster mushroom with garlic

Spicy mushroom sauce

Spicy vegetables

Spinach/mushroom toast

Stuffed mushrooms 1

Stuffed mushrooms 2

Stuffed mushrooms 3 photo recipe

Toast with oyster mushroom

Wild mushrooms soup photo recipe





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