Healthy they say. But the real fish tastes too fishy. It are the more non-fish types I love. I'm addicted to shrimps (the difference between prawn, gamba and shrimp isn't very clear: so use what you have). Fortunately they are multi-purpose so I use them in 1 hundred different ways. I'll post the other 82 ways some day.


Shrimps & prawns

Shrimp & prawn


Various fish

Various fish

Cheese shrimps

Garlic shrimps photo recipe

Lime shrimps


Shell shrimp salad

Shrimp balls

Shrimp bun photo recipe

Shrimp cocktail

Shrimp croquette

Shrimp fritters

Shrimps on toast photo recipe

Shrimp packets

Shrimp sausage roll photo recipe

Shrimp skewers photo recipe

Skewer with ham photo recipe

Stuffed tomato 2

Tempura shrimps

Tempura bites

Baking salmon

Bread rolls/salmon

Hearty salmon pies

Nigiri sushi photo recipe


Roasted salmon

Salmon cocktail

Salmon on pastry

Salmon for cracker photo recipe

Salmon paté pies

Salmon rolls photo recipe

Salmon salad

Salmon & tuna sate photo recipe

Shell salmon salad

Crab salad

Crispy chicken & fish

Devils at horseback

Dutch "waterzooi"

Fish bouillon

Fish pizza

Fish tempura

Herring salad

Marinated herring

Maccheroni salad/tuna

Mussels (fried)

Mussels (cooked)

Pizza Marinara

Potato herring salad

Stewed eel (Dutch)

Stuffed herring rolls

Stuffed fish rolls

Tomato anchovy toast

Tuna burger

Tuna salad

Sushi 1

Sushi 2





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