Dutch "Waterzooi" (fishsoup)


1 kg convert conversionfirm fish

(i.e. eel, carp, pike perch, crayfish)

1 liter convert conversion fish bouillon

2 dl convert conversionwhite wine


4 slices brown bread


lemon juice


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How to prepare:

Fillet the fish and cut in pieces.

Bring the wine and bouillon to a boil, add the fish and keep the bouillon very hot but not boiling for about 10 minutes.

Fry butter spread bread on both sides in a frying pan.

Take the fish out of the pan with a skimmer and put on a plate.

Flavour the soup with pepper, lemon juice and salt. Sprinkle some parsley over.

Place the bread in the soup bowls, spoon the soup over and serve the fish separate.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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