On this page you'll find a collection of Dutch recipes (The Frisian recipes are over here.). There might be more on the other pages: some recipes are so typical Dutch that even the Dutch aren't aware they are only common in the Netherlands.


(Nederland is commonly referred to as "Holland" in English. But only 2 of the 12 provinces in The Netherlands have the name Holland in it. As an inhabitant of 1 of the 10 not-Holland provinces, I always use the name "Netherlands".)


Klik hier voor alle recepten in het Nederlands.


Cookies and cake

Potato and vegetables



Appeltaart photo recipe (applepie)

Arnhemse meisjes (Arnheim girls)

Bokkepootjes (Goat feet)

Jan Hagel

Kerstkrans (Christmas ring)

Mon chou taart (cream cheese cake)

Rijstevlaai (Rice pie)



Stroopwafels (Syrup waffles)

Aardappel haring salade (Potato herring salad)

Aardappel kroketjes (Potato croquets)

Gestoofde peertjes photo recipe (Poached pears)

Gestoofde uien (Stewed onions)


Hete bliksem (apple potato stew)

Hutspot (Onion carrot stew)

Huzaren salade (Hussar salad)

Zuurkool stamppot (Sauerkraut)

Amandelspijs (Almond paste)

Anijsmelk (Anise milk)

Banketstaaf (Almond bar)

Bisschopswijn (Bishops wine)

Bitterballen/kroket (Round croquette)

Borstplaat (Fondant)

Chocolade borstplaat (Fondant)

Chocolademelk photo recipe (Chocolate milk)

Gestoofde paling (Stewed eel)

Kerststol (Christmas bread)

Kroketten/bitterbal photo recipe (Croquette)

Marsepein (Marzipan)

Mosterd soep (Mustard soup)

Oliebollen photo recipe (Fritters)

Pannekoeken (Pancakes)

Pepernoten photo recipe (Pepper nuts)

Pinda satésaus photo recipe (Peanut sauce)


Rollade (Roulade)

Rumpot (Rumtopf)

Saus speciaal photo recipe

Waterzooi (Fish soup)




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