Teppan Yaki


500 gr convert conversionbeefsteak

salt and pepper

100 gr convert conversionshiitake

100 gr convert conversionharicot verts

1 red or green bell pepper

6 spring onions

1 onion, sliced in rings

1 can bamboo shoots

60 ml convert conversionvegetable oil


soya/ginger dipping sauce

sesame seed sauce

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How to prepare:

Cut the steak in very thin slices (best when the meat is partly frozen) and sprinkle widely with salt and fresh ground pepper.

Remove stems of the shii-take and thread the haricots (half the beans if too long).

Cut the bell pepper lenghtwise in long, thin strips, the white part of the spring onions lenghtwise in strips of 6 cm, the onion in thin rings and the bamboo shoots to equal length. Put all vegetables in separate heaps on a plate.

When your guests are seated, heat an electric grill/frying pan and grease with oil.

Stir-fry a part of the meat quickly and slide to the edge of the grill. Stir-fry an equal part of the vegetables. Add some oil if necessary.

Serve the teppanyaki with steamed rice and dip the meat and the vegetables in a dipping sauce.

Repeat with the remaining ingredients till finished.

TIP: You can let the guests cook their own portions using a table-grill or raclette set.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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