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General directives:

The bread recipes where it's indicated in the rightupper corner are also (with some more fluid) suitable for the bread baking machine (bbm): the first kneading and rising can always be done.

If so: do not preheat milk/water (the machine does that) and it's not necessary to make a yeast-mixture.

- Place yeast separate of the salt on top of the flour and the other ingredients.

- Bake the sūkerbole (Frisian sugarbread) not in the machine, the pearl sugar is not well for the non-stick coating, the kneading (recipe till adding the pearl sugar) is possible in the machine.

- You can use the bread baking machine for the kneading and rise of all kinds of yeast mixtures (complete after kneading with baking in the oven or deep-fry) for example: French bread, focaccia, ciabatta, pizza, bapao and oil balls (typical Dutch !).



First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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