I am not a passionate bread-eater. You won't please me with a bun with just cheese (although I adore cheese). But it's different with special bread: Or entirely made myself (you can use the bread machine) or for delicious garnished and stuffed bread.

Bruschetta photo recipe are roasted pieces (French or Italian) bread with each a different garnish.



Bake your own bread

Bake your own bread

Stuffed buns

Bruschetta with

Brown bread


Cheese bread photo recipe

Cheese croissant

Chestnut bread

Ciabatta photo recipe

Christmas bread



French bread photo recipe

Frisian Sūkerbole

Garlic naan

Grissini all'Olio photo recipe

Mini croissants

Monkey bread photo recipe

Olive oil buns photo recipe

Onions/cheese bread


Pita bread

Pizza bottom

Poffert (Dutch)

Steamed Bapao photo recipe

Tortilla photo recipe

Unleavened bread

Whole wheat toast

White bread

Bell pepper breadrolls

Bread pizza photo recipe

Cheese pie

Cheese rarebit

Cheese tortilla photo recipe

Club sandwich

English breakfast photo recipe

French garlic bread

Garlic toast/salmon


Salmon breadrolls

Spinach toast

Stuffed French bread

Stuffed brown bun

Toast oyster mushroom

Tomato anchovy toast

Tosti Hawaii (grilled bread)

Welsh rarebit


Bell pepper and Brie



Roasted bell pepper

Salmon and capers

Sundried tomato

Tomato and basil

Tostada's photo recipe



Atkins bread





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