If you have a large freezer: prepare meals in advance. There are days you want to cook something but you're not quite hungry, the next day you're home late, hungry and definitly don't wanna cook.

In the 1st case look at this page, cook, bake or fry some extra, eat optional and freeze the rest for the 2nd occasion.

Base puff pastry

Beef bouillon photo recipe

Bell pepper croquettes

Bell pepper roasted

Bell pepper rolls

Chicken pie

Ham/mushroom croquettes

Croquettes/bitterbal photo recipe



Meat pies

Mini quiches

Mini-sausage rolls photo recipe

Pangsit Pedis

Pea soup (Frisian) photo recipe


Pizza tomato sauce photo recipe

Pork chop (marinated) photo recipe

Salmon rolls photo recipe

Sausage rolls photo recipe

Shrimp croquette

Shrimps on toast photo recipe

Shrimp packets

Sponge dough cake

Stewed beef

Tomato ketchup

Wonton skins

Freezing tables & tips

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