Beef bouillon

(4 portions)


1 kg convert conversionbeef

meat spices


3 liter water convert conversion

2 onions

1 winter carrot

1 large leek

lavas at flavour



(or 6 beef bouillon tablets)


large soup pan (5 liter)

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How to prepare:

Spice the beef and fry in some butter on both sides brown.

Add the hot water slowly (the mixture must keep boiling).

Chop the onion, winter carrot and leek and add to the soup.

Add at flavour chopped lavas, salt and pepper photo recipe.

Let the broth softly simmer for 4 hours.

Let the bouillon cool (this will go fast in the sink with cold water), tear the meat in pieces and divide the meat and bouillon over 4-5 freezer containers or use immediately.

To remove the fat: chill overnight and remove the fat from the top before freezing.


Without thawing from the container in a pan. Add 1 liter water and add optional 1 or 2 beef bouillon tablets.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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