For the cookies recipes I made this separate page. The Dutch are well known for their cookies (the word "cookies" originates from the Dutch word: koekjes). Most recipes came from a pencil written book of my late mother-in-law. (k) = without baking oven (s) = (possible) without sugar.

A table for oven temperatures you'll find here and conversions here.

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Almond macaroons

Arak cookies

Arnheim girls (Dutch)

Baklava rolls photo recipe

Blackberry puffs (s)

Cats tongues

Cheese cookies (s)

Cherry cream puffs

Chess boards

Chocolate lebkuchen

Chocolate cookies

Chocolate puffs

Chocolate pretzels

Choco-peanut cookies

Chocolate pies

Coconut macaroons

Coffee liquor rolls

Corn cookies (k) (s)

Cream puffs mini (s) photo recipe

Cream puffs rings (k)

Cream rolls

Cream cheese pies


Fortune cookies

French cream puffs

Frisian thumb cookies

Frisian waffles

Ginger cookies

Goatfeet (Dutch)

Hazelnut cookies

Honey cookies

Jan Hagel (Dutch)


Lime meringues

Liqueur pies (k)

Magdalena cookies


Muffins/black currants

Nut pies

Parisian puffs (s) photo recipe

Peach pies (s)

Pepernoten (Dutch) photo recipe

Pinetree cookies

Puff Dough (s) photo recipe

Puff dough sweetened photo recipe

Rosetta waffles (k) photo recipe

Sand cookies

Speculaas (Dutch)

Sprits (Dutch)

Syrup waffles (Dutch) (k)

Sugar circles

Sweet twists (k)


Walnut macaroons

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