Cream puffs rings


2.5 dl water convert conversion

pinch salt

50 gr convert conversionbutter or margarine

150 gr flour convert conversion

4 eggs no. 3

1 teaspoon baking powder

200 gr convert conversionicing sugar

2 tablespoons lemon juice


oil for frying

piping bag

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How to prepare:

Make the dough according to the basic recipe.

Heat the oil in a wide pan. Grease some pieces baking paper with little butter and pipe circles of the batter on the paper. Use a round needle with a wide opening.

Slide the rings off the paper in the oil, best by keeping the paper upside down in the oil and wait till the circle falls off.

Fry the rings on both sides golden brown and drain on kitchen paper.

Make a glaze of icing sugar and lemon juice and brush the glaze over the puff rings.

The puff rings taste best if eaten immediately.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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