Nothing tastes better than a homemade cake. And really: baking a bakery-style cake is much easier than you think (see my sponge dough recipes). Most of the recipes are from my late mother in law and her family. On this recipe page you'll find a few cake recipes which can be made without an oven too. A table for oven temperatures you'll find here.

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(c) = "cold": made without baking oven.

Almond cake

Apple strudel (Austria)

Baklava (Turkish) photo recipe

Banana cake

Blackberry cake

Blueberry cake

Cake roll

Cherry cake

Cherry quark cake

Chestnut pie

Chocolate cream cake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake & nuts

Christmas ring (Dutch)

Cinnamon pie

Cream au beurre cake

Cream-cheese pies

Cream rum cake

Cream puffs pie 1

Cream puffs pie 2

Crumble cake

Crunchy cream cake

Gooseberries pie

Kiwi quark cake

Kiwi cake

Lemon chiffon cake

Lemon cake 1

Lemon cake 2

Linzer torte 1

Linzer torte 2

Malakoff cake (c)

Mocha cake

Mon-chou (cream cheese) cake (c)

Nougat-cream cake

Nuts & cherry cake

Orange cake

Oranjekoek (Frisian)

Oriental layered cake photo recipe

Panforte (Italian)


Pear cake

Plum strudel

Poppy seed strudel

Quark cake


Quince pie

Raspberry cake

Rice "vlaai" (Dutch)

Sachertorte (Vienna)

Sand cake

Sponge cake 1 (basic)

Sponge cake 2 (basic)

Strudel dough 1 (basic)

Strudel 2 (basic)

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