Don't they say that if you want to sell your house quick, there must be the scent of apple pie ?? Over here you'll smell frequent the most delicious things but our house is definitely not for sale! And cakes? No long life here: we get rid of it before it even gets the chance to cool. A table for oven temperatures you'll find here.

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Apple pies

Cake and kugelhopf

Cake and kugelhopf

Cake and kugelhopf

Sheet Apple pie

Apple pie 2

Open Apple Pie photo recipe

Apple pie 4

Apple pie 5

Apple strudel pie

Apple pie 7

Banana cake

Cake 1 photo recipe

Cake 2

Cherry cake

Chocolate cake

Coffee cake/rum

English cake

Fast cake

Hazelnut cake


Kugelhopf with apricots

Kugelhopf with lemon

Marble cake

Orange cake 1

Orange cake 2

Pear cake

Red currant cake

Rum ring

School cake (s)

Spice cake

Walnut cake

Wine cake

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