I'm not a vegetarian although I'm not a real meat eater. Therefore I don't have lots of experience with vegetarian recipes. I tried to make a collection of the recipes on this site which are entirely meatless or for which it is very easy to leave the meat out or give separate. Some vegetarian eat fish though. Recipes you'll find here.


Asparagus soup

Baked Camembert cheese

Bean soup (Frisian)


Cheese fondue

Cheese pizza

Cheese recipes

Cheese schnitzel

Egg roll 1

Greek farmer salad

Hearty pies

"Hete bliksem" (use no pork)

Hot bloody Mary

Hussar salad

Maccheroni (serve ham separate)

Mozzarella/tomato pizza

Mushrooms pizza

Onions/cheese dish

Onion soup

Pasta salad photo recipe

Pizza onion and olive

Potato-cheese rolls

Potato tortilla


Sauerkraut (use no pork)

Stuffed brown bread

Stuffed onions 1

Tempura vegetables

Toast with oyster mushroom

Vegetable pizza

Welsh rarebit





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