Frisian brūne beantsjessop

(Frisian brown bean soup)


2 large cans brown (pinto) beans

1 liter water convert conversion

50 gr butter convert conversion

100 gr convert conversionturnip celery

1 large leek

2 onions

small can tomato paste

300 gr convert conversionsmoked pork

salt, pepper or broth cubes

1/2-1 shot glass elderberry wine

(or red wine)



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How to prepare:

Bring the beans (with fluid) and water in a large pan to a boil.

Fry the chopped turnip celery, thinly sliced leek and chopped onions in some butter translucent in another pan. Add the onion mixture and tomato paste to the beans. Cook for an hour till the beans are mushed.

Mash the beans for a coarse soup, or rub the soup through a strainer in another pan for a smooth soup. Add salt and pepper (or broth cubes) at flavour and simmer for some more minutes.

Fry the diced pork. Remove the soup from the heat and add elderberry wine or red wine at flavour. Serve and present the pork separate, so everybody can add as/if desired.


Tip: If you want to use dried beans, take 2-2,5 liter convert conversionwater and 500 gr convert conversiondried brown (pinto) beans. Soak 24 hours in the water. Bring to a boil with the soak-water and simmer 2 hours. Then follow recipe.



First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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