Elderberry wine



granulated sugar


(equal quantities of above, approximately 400 gr convert conversion of each will give about 1 liter convert conversionwine)


1 liter convert conversionjar(s)

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How to prepare:

Take elderberries that have coloured black over the complete cluster.

Shake the clusters (outside) to remove spiders and ants. Wash the elderberries carefully with cold water and drain well in a colander.

Take 400 gr of the stalked (use a fork) elderberries and put in a jar. Mash slightly and fill the jar up with 400 gr sugar and about 400 gr (4 dl) water. Fill jars until you've used all the elderberries.

Place the (half-open) jars 8 weeks on a warm spot and stir the contents each day.

Sterilize bottles with propeller capsule for the wine.

Sift the elderberries mixture and fill the bottles (optional take a glass already).

Please note: the wine yeasts in the bottle, therefore careful when opening !

Preservable for 1 year.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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