When the weather is extremely hot: a large glass icewater with ice cubes: Delicious.

But a glass of self made Elder berry syrup with some ice and ice-cold sparkling water: refreshing !

On this page delicious syrups, juices, homemade wines and liqueurs.



Lemonade and juice

(without alcohol)

Lemonade and juice

(without alcohol)

Wine and liquor

(with alcohol)

Wine and liquor

(with alcohol)

Anise milk (Dutch)

Anise syrup

Chocolate milk photo recipe

Lemon lemonade syrup

Elder flower lemonade

Elder flowers syrup

Exotic lemonade syrup

Orange lemonade syrup

Spicy tomato juice

Spicy elderberry syrup

Yoghurt drink with melon

Bishop wine (Dutch)

Brandied apricots (boeremeisjes)


Coffee liqueur

Dokkumer coffee (Frisian)

Elderberry wine

Frisian raisins (boerejongens)

Glühwein (Austria)


Nut liquor

Orange liquor






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