Elder flower lemonade


45 elder flower clusters

1.5 liter convert conversioncooked water

3 lemons

2.5 kg convert conversionsugar

75 gr convert conversiontartaric acid

a pinch benzoaat


3 1,5-liter preserving jars

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How to prepare:

Shake the flowers well outside, wash carefully and drain.

Divide the elder flowers over the jars.

Pour half a liter cooked and cooled water in each jar. Add to each jar the juice of 1 lemon, 800 gr (cane) sugar, 25 gr tartaric acid and little benzoaat (both conservers: can cause allergic reaction, last 2 ingredients available at a good drugstore) photo recipe.

Close the jars airtight and let rest 3 weeks at a cold, dark place. Shake now and then.

Pour the contents of the jars through a strainer which is covered with a cloth. Do not push the syrup (the syrup won't stay clear when you push) but drain a while.

Keep the elder flowers syrup in well closed sterilised bottles.

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First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands
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