For who's looking for a recipe from a specific country: all "foreign" recipes on this site on one page. (Foreign is from where I live: so outside the Netherlands...You'll find typical Frisian recipes over here: Frisian recipes and the Dutch ones here)

Got some great recipe from your home country ? Please, mail it to me.


Catalan tomato soup

English breakfast photo recipe

English clubsandwich

English farmers relish

English mince meat

English currant muffins

English Welsh rarebit

French croissants

French bread photo recipe

French crepes

Frisian recipes

Greek beef

Greek farmer salad

Greek lamb kofta

Greek spicy kofta

Greek meat balls

Greek souvlakia photo recipe

Greek tzatziki

Hungarian goulash

Hungarian goulash soup

Indian chapati

Indian chutney

Indian garlic naan

Indian mango chutney

Indian mini samosa

Indian paratha

Unleavened bread

Italian recipes

Lebanese kibbeh

Mexican meatballs

Mexican corn soup

Mexican guacamole

Mexican tortilla

Mexican tortilla rolls

Mex.tortilla triangles

Oriental recipes

Spanish potato tortilla

Swiss rösti

Turkish baklava





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