I never make large quantities: I'm not a big eater (but love to snack) and otherwise I have to skip the main course: One Christmas however I have served approximately 23 small starter bites, after each other, instead of one main course. We reached number 18 and sat down for 4 hours. Want to act expensive? Don't call it starter but "hors-d-oeuvre" or amuse. The soup are on the soup page




Bell pepper roll

Caribbean grapefruit cocktail

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Chicken cocktail

Crab salad

Dates/Roquefort mousse


Melon/ham cocktail

Melon/ kiwi with cream

Papaw with ham/cheese

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Salmon cocktail

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Sharons & goat cheese

Shell salmon salad

Shell shrimp salad

Stuffed eggs in green

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Stuffed tomatoes 3

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Chicken bags

Chicken pie

Gorgonzola bags

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Hearty little pies

Stuffed fishrolls

Stuffed mushrooms 1

Stuffed mushrooms 2

Tempura shrimps

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