We have few flies in our house (according stories Spanish Tapas are served on a dish which is placed on your glass against the flies). Therefore I always place Spanish tapas and Middle-Eastern mezze on the table like at a large buffet. Great if choosing gets very difficult! Amongst the meatball recipes there are several that can be served as tapas. Most tapas can be served at room temperature.

Banderillo 1

Banderillo 2

Bandarillo sauces

Bell pepper bread rolls

Chicken rolls

Crostini with ham/fig


Garlic shrimps photo recipe

Garlic toast/salmon

Greek farmer salad


Jalapeno in a jacket



Marinated mushrooms

Meat pasty

Mini skewers photo recipe

Mushrooms in red wine

Olive/almond butterflies


Onion butterflies photo recipe

Potato tortilla

Small meatballs

Souvlakia photo recipe

Stuffed tomato 2 photo recipe

Stuffed tomato 3

Toast bell pepper & olive

Toast tomatoes & anchovy

Toast tomato & feta

Tuna salad


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