I don't like potatoes that much: at least like potatoes are eaten in most households: mashed or cooked till they fall apart.

But baked ? Hmmmmm. Delicious homemade deep fried potatoes or chips? You can wake me for that any moment !


French fries

Frites sticks

Herring salad (Dutch)

Hete bliksem (Dutch)

Hussar salad (Dutch)

Mashed potatoes photo recipe

Onion carrot stew (Dutch)

Onion stew (Frisian)

Pizzetta (Italian)

Pommes Parisiennes (French)

Potato balls

Potato-cheese croquet (Dutch)

Potato cookies photo recipe

Potato croquettes (Dutch)

Potato herring salad (Dutch)

Potato pancakes

Potato parts with cheese

Potato tortilla (Spanish)

Roasted potato

RŲsti (Swiss) photo recipe

Salmon salad

Sambal goreng kentang (OriŽntal) photo recipe

Sauerkraut meal (Dutch)

Stuffed bell pepper 1

Stuffed bell pepper 2

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