Several days before Easter they are bought: surprise eggs. Generally somewhere between 25 and 30: the first 6 are eaten that same night and the other ones are hidden in our house on Easter morning. It's quite sure that at least 1 is not to be found that day: It pops up eventually but mostly it's close to Whitsun.

dansend ei


Main course

Vegetables etc


Asparagus soup

Cheese souffle

Chicken cocktail

Papaw with ham/cheese

Stuffed eggs in green

Stuffed fishrolls

Salmon cocktail

Cheese fondue

Chickenstrips pineapple

Chickenrolls the Provence

Cordon blue

Ostrich steak

Roasted salmon

Greek farmer salad

Oyster mushroom with garlic

Potato croquettes

Potato parts with cheese

Pommes Parisiennes

Stuffed mushroom

Stuffed onion

Figs with lemon cream

French crepe

Fried banana/ice

Ice bombe

Mango ice

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