Who keeps some, has some

- tips and tricks

how to use the "remains":

- Jar with gherkins empty? Don't throw away the gherkin vinegar because (personal) it tastes better than normal vinegar in recipes for sauces and salads. Applies for cocktail onions vinegar and yellow onions too.

- Ginger balls?? do not throw away the syrup: delicious in marinades in combination with sweet soy sauce, i.e. for chicken.

Over here you'll find a recipe for making fresh ginger syrup.

- Oil of sun dried tomatoes: Use in the dough of bread and pizza instead of olive oil.

- Oil of sardines: Sprinkle over a fish pizza or use for the dough in stead of oil.

how to make your own Vanilla sugar:

Don't keep the vanilla beans in the package but put the vanilla airtight in a jar with very fine caster or icing sugar: after some weeks you have your own vanilla sugar (a package vanilla sugar in the Netherlands is 8 grams, but is more concentrated).

The Jamie Olivier way: Blend in a food-processor about 10-12 large vanillabeans with 1 kg caster sugar. Sift in a bowl, put the remains from the strainer back in the food-processor with 1/3 of the sifted sugar, mix and sift again. Repeat about 3 times (preservable for about 2 years).

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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