Cake, pie and bread, how to

- tips and tricks

prevent getting to dry when baking: put water in a dish in the oven.

handle large dough slices: To prevent cracks, wrap the dough sheet around the rolling pin and roll out on the baking sheet.

handle pastry dough with whipped egg white: Place immediately in the hot baking oven (preheat while whipping) to prevent the dough to collapse.

divide cake in layers: Make around the cake, on the same height, 1 or more small cuts with a knife. Put a thread around the cake in the cuts and divide the pie in layers by pulling the thread crosswise. Divide the stuffing and to prevent the stuffing to run out when cutting, pre-cut the upper layer in advance in the necessary quantity of pieces.

bake with support stuffing: read the blind baking tip.

Beaten egg is generally used to make pastry shine. you can use some coffee milk instead.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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