Vegetables, how to

- tips and tricks

prepare and heat lot of various:

If you have to heat a large variety of vegetables and do not have enough burners: Cook the vegetables in advance, wrap without the fluid in aluminium foil with (optional) a little piece butter and place the packages in a steam pan or 15-20 minutes in the baking oven (140C/280F).

use vegetables from the meadows:

Eating lettuce frequently causes children to conclude: I am no rabbit. But this is fun:

In the spring take a walk through meadows: It provides young Dandelion leaves and Sheep sorrel. You can make a delicious tasty salad with these.

Lots of flours are edible and will add beautifull colours to your salad: red and yellow flowers of the Nasturtium, the orange leaves of the gold flour, the flower leaves of your viola and the blue flower leaves of chicory.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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