Potatoes, how to

- tips and tricks

use burned potatoes:

Ai, chatting too long outside with the neighbours: burned potatoes!

Remove the upper layer potatoes and cook in another pan with water and some salt: frequently they are still usable.

make potato mash nests:

To place several vegetables on 1 plate on the table: make several nests of mashed potatoes (pile the mashed potatoes on the plate, and push holes with a ladle) and fill each with another colour vegetable.

keep warm a few minutes:

If you keep in a pan with the lid on the potatoes get a little sticky: place in stead a dish towel over, it "takes" steam.

fry brown:

Sprinkle potato slices and pommes parissienes before frying with some paprika powder: they'll get delicious brown!

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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