Plant a pip, how to

- tips and tricks

Don't throw the pits of fruit away: Try to plant a pit.

No cooking tip but more a extra present for those who are fond of plants too:

All those plants and trees which produce the fruits you like that much mostly start as pip, even the enormous beech in the bush was long time ago a little nut.

Successfull attempts of pits planting: Passionfruit, Litchi, avocado (3 cocktail sticks in the middle, hang exactly over the water with the sticks on the edge), kumquat, lemon, kiwi, date (soak pip 1 day in water, may take up to 3 months before anything happens), papaw, tomato, bell pepper, mango, orange and of course the peanut (those you feed the birds).

The pits must come from ripe fruit and the hard peel must be kept: at some types it'll take up to 3 months before a little green pops up.

Both sweet chestnut trees in my garden (6 meter high by now and producing chestnuts from 2002 on) I planted in 1994 from 2 chestnuts I bought at the market).

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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