Fruit, how to

- tips and tricks

make fruit jelly:

Jelling process improves if some not yet entirely ripe fruit is added, a dash lemon juice will help too.

put fruits on alcohol: Put the fruit in their own drink-flavour for the nicest result: therefore cherries in kirsch, raspberries in raspberry liquor and grapes in cognac or vieux. The alcohol must be at least 1 finger thick over the fruits.

make fruit desserts: For a sudden visitor a fast and delicious dessert: there are few fruits that don't combine with yogurt or quark: Stir the quark or yogurt with optional some sugar and add fruit, keep some back for garnish.

make snowy fruit: Looks great on cakes and cocktails: Beat an egg white with a tea spoon water, coat fruit such as grapes, cherries and berries with the eggwash and caster sugar. Let dry and you have got "frozen" fruit.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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