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Remove cakes, bread, cookies and pies from pans without breaking:

Grease and dust widely with flour or breadcrumbs. For baking sheets I always use baking paper: less mess.

If cake, bread and muffins still keeps sticking: cover the bottom and 1 cm of the side with a piece of baking paper. Use a spatula or blund knife to loosen the edges and let cool for 10 minutes before turning.

At the moment I am replacing all my baking pans with silicon ones. They don't stick but the larger ones are difficult to handle because they are too flexible: I place silicons on a cutting board before filling and then slide in the oven.

Divide greasing well:

Hold the outside of the can, pan or sheet a short moment under hot running water (or place 1 minute in the preheating baking oven), dry quickly and grease the inside with a small lump margarine or butter, flour the pan (see below). Place in the fridge till use.


After greasing and before placing in the fridge:

Spread flour with a small strainer or dust widely with breadcrumbs. Shake and turn to divide the flour or breadcrumbs well, place the can upside down and remove with a tap on the back the redundant flour. Chill.

First published: April 12, 2003, Netherlands

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